How does Crypto fraud work on Twitter?

If you are part of the crypto community on Twitter or just post tweets related to cryptocurrency in any way, then you probably received suspicious messages or emails. And after that, you might have a question: “How does it work and why is someone being led to it?”. Well, sit back, in this article we will tell you in detail about the most popular techniques of crypto fraudsters on Twitter and explain how they work

The most popular tactics of crypto scammers on Twitter

On Twitter, attackers most often deploy small fraudulent campaigns aimed at one or two people. The following tactics are most common to deceive victims:

Masquerading as well-known people in the crypto community, leaders of various projects, project developers, and so on;

Various kinds of lures by type: “You have a chance to get millions of tokens that you have never heard of! But to collect your winnings, follow the link and pay a small commission so that we can transfer your prize to you!”;

Classics of the genre: phishing links, fake websites and cryptocurrency giveaways.

Of course, crypto scammers on Twitter do not stand still and constantly improve their schemes and tactics, but it is with the three above that users encounter most often.